We get asked all the time about the “rules” when it comes to using our songs for videos, podcasts and any other content, so we decided to create a FAQ so we can be clear on how it works.
Q : Can I legally use this song in my video, podcast or other content?
A : YES! We made these songs available so you can keep creating even when there isn’t a huge budget to work with. All we ask (but never require) is that you credit Painfreemusic.co on your project or share our platform with your friends.
Q : What is the catch?
A : There is no catch. Buy the song license once, and use it forever. We are creators ourselves and have been in tight spots before where we need good music for a project but don’t have the money to pay for expensive licenses or fight legal battles with major platforms. 

Q : Can I use this song on multiple projects?
A : Yes! Buy once, use forever. Don’t think twice about it and keep creating great work.
Our goal at Pain Free Music is for you to finally rest easy knowing your video or podcast won’t get flagged and removed from the internet for using the wrong license. We got sick of platforms taking advantage of creators with overpriced and confusing rules, and that is why we created our service.
Please enjoy, and have fun creating!